Friday, November 6, 2009

Socks are done... on to... err... "bigger" things?

Well, I got about an inch and a half of ribbing done on my socks and decided I was done. I was eager to move on to my gloves with the Mini Mochi. It's so soft! Going back to finishing the socks felt like going from angora to coarse-spun raw wool. I still like the socks, don't get me wrong, I just don't know how much of the "cheap" stuff I am going to buy from now on.
You know what they say about "once you go black?" Well, once I went to the merino...

So far, I have started and frogged the gloves a couple times, not ever happy with the beginning of a project until it is just right (curse my perfectionism!), and now I'm moving right along on the cuff of the Left Glove. I never thought double pointed needles were for me, I would fumble them around, but somehow they are working for me now. Maybe I just needed the right yarn? Hmmm.....

Here's a preview of my progress:

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