Friday, October 23, 2009

Knit Night

I realize this is a few days overdue, but I wanted to talk about Knit Night. I went to Barnes & Noble for my first Knit Night on Tuesday, and I had a blast! I was the only crocheter, but I felt very welcome.
Colleen was teaching Elizabeth to knit, and they are the pictured duo from the post [here]. They were having so much fun! I think Elizabeth is going to be a regular knitter with the group.
I had forgotten my white yarn, so could not work far on Katherine's gloves, but I spent the evening talking with my new friends Lori (sp?), Alaina, Elissa, Lisa, Colleen, Elizabeth, Peg, Judy, and Mary (did I forget anybody?).
Thanks to all for a great time... wish I could come every time!

 Remember, it's better to love than to be right!

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